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To help you learn more about the threats to Hawaii’s reefs or if you’d like to review the information you were given in a training (online training coming soon!) , look through our educational materials we’ve made available for your use. Please use the menu on the right for general information about coral bleaching, coral disease, COTS, and more!

Additional Resources Sites:

Here are some helpful links that we suggest for even more information on these topics: – Reefology 101, Coral Health and Ecology Forum written by students in Dr. Aeby and Dr. Callahan’s labs at the University of Hawaii – Information on coral disease, bleaching, and its connection to climate change from the Great Barrier Reef Park Authority – The Global Coral Disease Database – NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Division information page

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Work & Aeby 2006_coral disease lesions

Raymundo 2009_Fish and coral disease