Make a Report

Submitting a report is easy….fill out the top portion,
click a few boxes, and it’s done!

To make a report, choose the appropriate form and provide as much information as possible. All reports are important, so fill it out to the best of your knowledge. Please be sure to supply your name and contact information so we may call you if we have any questions. Note that any fields with an asterisk * is required information.

Need help with the form? Refer to the Report Form Instruction Sheet for directions on how to fill out the forms and tables for calculating percent cover and coral identification.

Thank you for participating in the Eyes of the Reef Monitoring Network.Your time and efforts as part of the Eyes of the Reef network are greatly appreciated. Your information is an important element of an early warning system for coral bleaching, coral disease, Crown-of-Thorns Sea Stars (COTS) and marine invasive species in Hawai‘i