Pollution, climate change, poor land practices and increasing recreational and extractive activities create environmental conditions on coral reefs that foster coral disease and coral bleaching, support the spread of invasive species, and threaten reef health. Detecting the early signs of these events on our local reefs requires a wide network of observers who provide regular reports of conditions throughout the region.  The Eyes of the Reef Network (EOR) has been designed to provide reliable reports on bleaching, disease, and Crown-of-Thorn Seastar outbreaks throughout Hawai‘i.

You can become a member of the Eyes of the Reef Network!

Hawai‘i’s reefs are numerous and widespread.  Scientists and managers are only able to monitor a small fraction of them, so more trained eyes are needed to catch these events early on.  Without initial sightings by the local “eyes” on our reefs, such occurrences may go unnoticed until it is too late.  The Eyes of the Reef  Network is an effective statewide reporting system that enables all community members  and ocean users to contribute to the long-term protection of our local reefs.

EOR offers free trainings to give people with all levels of ocean knowledge – community members, reef users, tourists, fishers, commercial operators, scientists, and reef managers – the skills to identify and report threats to Hawai‘i’s reefs.  We also offer local monitoring and educational support in your area.  Contact your Island Coordinator to learn more about the programs available in your area.


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