Become a Member

Becoming an Eyes of the Reef member is easy.  
Attend a training in your area and keep your eyes open. That’s it!

 We would like to see all ocean users in Hawaii become EOR members and be part of our growing community of dedicated, caring ocean stewards. The Eyes of the Reef Network offers free trainings to give people with all levels of ocean knowledge – community members, reef users, tourists, fishers, commercial operators, scientists, reef managers – the skills to identify and report threats to Hawai‘i’s reefs.  

Anyone can be a member of the Eyes of the Reef Network.  Everyone should!

 Hawai’i’s reefs need you. Hawaii’s reefs span an enormous geographical area making it difficult for resource managers to detect the early onset of coral bleaching, disease, Crown-of-Thorn Seastars and and invasive species outbreaks.   Reef users are essential in helping managers monitor reefs, providing the critical mass of ‘eyes on our reefs’ needed to detect and respond to events in a timely manner. Get involved! Contact your local Island Coordinator today to signup for a training in your area.