EOR NEW Website Launch: BRAND NEW Features!

The Hawaii Eyes of the Reef Network has a shiny new website!  We’ve included several features that will help you stay informed and connected  to all things EOR!  Please take a minute to explore!

Site Features:

  • Easy to access online report forms! Report your coral bleaching/disease/COTs, marine invasives, and fish disease/miscellaneous observations easily online
  • Latest News Updates!  Announcements of new EOR trainings and outreach events.  This section also features updates from EOR’s Rapid Response Teams as well as management and research partners
  • Members Making a Difference Section!  You can help us construct this section by submitting stories and photos to your island coordinator of how your involvement in EOR has helped make a difference on Hawaii’s coral reefs
  • Educational Photo Galleries!  Use our new galleries to test yourself on Hawaii’s coral species and to train your eye on the types of stresses to look out for the next time you’re out on the reef
  • Calendar of Events!  This Google Calendar feature makes it easy to see what’s going on and directly copy upcoming EOR events to your personal calendar 
  • And Many More Resources! 
    • Rapid Response PDF Final Reports – learn more about what happened after your reported an EOR observation
    • EOR Island Coordinator Contact Forms  – get in touch more easily with each coordinator
    • Research Page – read more about the latest scientific research related to EOR
    • Hawaii’s Rapid Response Contingency Plan – we will be updating this section soon with more information on the Rapid Response Contingency Plan, which coordinates EOR’s management and research partners to help us to better understand these complex issues facing Hawaii’s coral reefs

Please explore carefully, a few sections are still under construction and make sure to check back soon for more updates!


The EOR Team